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TERRA NEXUS: Human as Part of Ecology, Proposition Studios, London, 2020


Harvest Womb is a chamber of swirling specimen in the immersive labyrinth, TERRA NEXUS: Human as Part of Ecology at Proposition Studios, London. The immersive installation invites us to look inwards, inside our bodies, into our guts, at the microstructures and bacteria that dwell within. An over-sized evolving sugar structure sits at the heart of her space, as smaller specimen hang from above. An endoscopic film displays the journey through the sculptures, echoing key-hole surgery. The forms inside dance and evoke intestinal matter, fascia tissue, deep sea landscapes, slug-like formations and cell structures seen through a microscope. Micro and macro worlds interlace, bodies and environments unite and thrive through symbiotic relations.


Only about half the cells on our body are human, whilst the other half belong to non-human cells, meaning there is no 'I', only 'we'. Once digested, this fact is deeply revealing and reflects the absurdity of our independency from the biosphere, and how our sense of self is a construct which does not reflect our own biology. Harvest Womb acknowledges our mutual interdependence, begging the question; If the non-human exists in the human, can we really be so separated from nature?

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