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In my paintings, gummy, jungle-like vines stretch across and dribble down the page, biomorphic shapes press and squeeze against each other. In others, trickster like beings that teeter between something human and non-human, or rather they evade such distinctions.

My artwork explores otherness through a speculative ecological lens. I create monstrous and hybrid beings that mimic real-life outcasts - whether that be the female, the animal, the plant, the fungi, the microbe - and pay homage to them using parody. My research interests lie in interspecies ethics and post-human theories, and the limitless ways in which we interpret the body in relation to science, culture, nature and technology. The strangeness, tenderness, horror and laughter of ecological awareness is outlined, that we are inextricably enmeshed with and permeated by the biosphere.  My paintings come to life in sculptural form with the use of boiled sugar as her primary material. Whether I use it to create swirling specimen, wearable 'second skins' or to explore speculative lands, boiled sugar reveals itself as a living entity, continuously morphing and engaging our multitude of senses.



Upcoming: 2023 Post-graduate certificate in Engaged Ecology, Schumacher College, Devon (in partnership with the University of Plymouth)

2018 - 2019 Masters of Fine Art, City & Guilds of London Art School 

2009 - 2013 Bachelors of Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

Group Exhibitions

The Grass Below the Vaulted Sky, Worlding Project, London, 2022​

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, Nov 11-14th, London, 2021

GIFTS FROM SATO. The Rectory Projects, London. 2021

TERRA NEXUS: Human as Part of Ecology. Proposition Studios, London, 2020-2021. curated by Gabriella Sonabend

Vault Project Street opening, London, 2021

The Potion Room. Subsidiary Projects, London, 2020

Futures 2020. Mall Galleries, London, 2020

Human. Platform 1 Gallery, London, 2019

The Feeling's Mutual: In Collaboration with ArtLicks Weekend. The Rectory Projects, 2019

MA Degree Show. City & Guilds of London Art School, 2019

Pulp (works on paper and small sculpture). The Rectory Projects, London, 2018

​Ludo: Also known as Trouble. The Rectory Projects, London, 2018

​Agape Banquet. (pasta making workshop and meal), Studio RCA, London. Created and hosted by Bea Bonafini, 2018

​Pulp (a sale of works on paper). The Rectory Projects, London, 2018.

​Heart for Heart's Sake. Artery Gallery, Prague, 2018

​Rare Phenomenon Collective. 45 West 8th Street, New York, curated by Natalie Choy, 2017.

​DIALOGUE. Via Arts Prize, Sala Brasil Gallery, Embassy of Brazil, London, 2017.

​Flux Exhibition. Chelsea College of Arts, London, 2017.

​Warmth of the Earth. Tom’s Etching Studio, London, curated by Charlotte Osborne & Thomas Moore, 2016.

​Vanguard Court Summer Studios. Vanguard Court, London, 2015.

​Persephone, Queen of the Underworld (Banquet Performance). Cock’N’Bull Gallery, London, hosted by Bea Bonafini & Paola de Ramos, 2014. (performer) 

​Through the Dark a Light Shall Appear. The Shoreditch Fashion Show, Oval Space, London, 2014.

​Degree Show. Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, London, 2013.

​Elegy. Guest Projects, London, curated by Leo Cohen 2013.

​Apposition Happens. Elegia Projects, London, curated by Leo Cohen, 2013.

​Byam Shaw Concourse Gallery Show. Byam Shaw, London, 2012. 

Workshops & Talks

The Body Tour. FBA Futures 2020, Mall Galleries, London, 2020

Slime Workshop (facilitator) as part of GOSSIP exhibition talks, The Take Courage Gallery, London, 2019



City & Guilds of London Art School Prize for Outstanding Work in Print

City & Guilds of London Art School Prize for Outstanding Critical Engagement




High House Working Residency, Norfolk, Sept - Nov 2022 

Hobhouse Studio Residency with Vault Project, London,  Feb- April 2021

San Pablo de Khuyana. Artist in Residence Program, Peruvian Amazon. 1st May – 31st May 2018

Dancing in the Wilderness: residential workshop in Butoh with Marie Gabrielle Rotie, Wales, 1st Sept - 7th Sept, 2017



Arts and crafts workshops taught for children at Kara Tepe refugee camp, Lesbos Island and Skaramagas Refugee Camp, Athens, Greece, 2017-2022

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